International Air Ambulance Service – Domestic Service – Commercial Medical Escort!

Many Medical Transportation companies will offer service to and from any area in the United States. They have quick and effective deployment from their home base and can hustle to most locations within very limited timeframes. This action keeps cost competitive with other transport services.

International Air Ambulance Service

International Air Service: If you require out-of-the-country air ambulance service make sure you check to verify if there are foreign countries they will not fly to. Most all of these jet planes are equipped with state of the art avionics allowing them to fly most any place in the world.

Commercial Medical Escort: For patients that are in a reasonably stable condition and able to be seated in a commercial aircraft, some Medical Transport companies will provide a medical escort. Many patients find this convenience to be a safer alternative to using a private air ambulance. Of course, prior to allowing this consideration, the Medical Transport company will perform a medical assessment prior to arranging the trip to insure that it is safe for the patient to fly on a commercial plane. Once approval is given, a first class or business class seat can be arranged. Note: usually the patient will have an RN medical escort assisting on the trip.